The Minions take us back in time. We can see the history of Minions, from their beginning to getting to know Gru. Minions are yellow, cute creatures that need an evil leader. Before meeting Gru, the Minions help T-Rex, Count Dracula, and Napoleon. All of Minions’s leader were destroyed by the inattention of Minions. The yellow creatures, without own master, become depressed. They are looking for a solution. Kevin, Bob and Stuart go in search of an evil and their own super villain. In 1968, the minions meet Scarlett Overkill during a convention for super villain. She is a super famous female among the villain. Scarlett with three minions plan to steal the Imperial State Crow from Queen Elizabeth II. In this time Bob unconsciously put out the Arthur Pendragon’s sword from a stone. Then he removes the Queen from the throne, and he became the King of England.

Next Scarlett confronts the Minions because she wanted to take the throne. Scarlett traps Stuart, Bob and Kevin in the dungeon before her coronation. During the coronation of Scarlett, the three minions escape and want to interrupt the celebration. Next, minions battle Scarlett. Finally,  Queen Elizabeth II gets her throne, and she rewards tiny crown for all the three minions. Meanwhile, young Gru steals the crown and flees on the rocket motorbike. The Minions run after him, because they think he is their own super villain.

Minions Poster

Minions 2015 poster