Despicable Me

Despicable Me is the first page of the Minions series. We can see a story about Gru and his yellow Minions. The film focuses on the story of Gru who want to be a super-villain. In a beautiful area is a house with a white fence, where in the cellar, the main character – Gru – has an own hide. Gru want to be an internationally criminal. He loves everything bad and nasty.  He wants to be a famous master criminal on the whole world. Gru cooperations with sweet, yellow Minions and an inventor, Dr. Nefario. Gru’s evil motivation comes from a lack of childhood love.

When Gru finds out about his opponent Vector, who also is a villain, has stolen one of the Great Pyramid of Giza then Gru decides to do a bigger thing. In the Despicable Me, Gru wants to steal the moon with his army of Minions.

Dr Nefario is worried because they don’t have money to fly to steal the moon. Gru decides to apply for a loan from Mr. Perkins. But first Mr. Perkins wants to Gru will steal the shrink ray. Gru and two yellow minions  successfully steal the shrink ray, but Vector stole it  for himself. Before Gru will steal the moon, he has to adopt three girls: Margo, Edith and Agnes. First Gru thinks that the adoptive girls will help him to become the biggest criminal in the whole world. But as time passed, Gru realizes the children add value to his life, so he starts to treat them like own children.

Despicable me Poster