Despicable Me 3

Another part of the cult series of Minions is Despicable Me 3. In this part, we can see a continuation of the adventures of Gru, Lucy, their daughters and army of Minions. Gru and Lucy have a mission to do. They have to stop Balthazar Bratt, from stealing the Dumont diamond. In addition, the super villain want to dominate the whole world. Gru got the diamond back, but Balthazar Bratt escape. The new Director, Valerie Da Vinci, dismissed Gru and Lucy from the Anti-Villain League. Next Gru and Lucy return to their home and tell adoptive girls about the dismissal. Gru don’t want to be a super villain still and in this time most of the Minions decide to search a new job and abandon him. Most of the Minions go to prison.

Gru gets an invitation from his twin brother Dru. The family visits the brother of Gru who is a rich person and lives in Freedonia. Meanwhile, Bratt steals the diamond again and plans to destroy the Hollywood by his robot. Gru and Dru decide to stop Bratt, but first Gru have to teach his brother how to be super villain. Brothers want to steal the Dumont diamond.

Next Bratt, disguised as Lucy, kidnaps the children of Gru and Lucy to steal a diamond. Gru, Dru and Lucy try to stop Bratt and save kidnapped girls. Next Gru defeats Bratt. The Minions escape from the prison and reunite with Gru.

Gru and Lucy work for  Anti-Villain League again. After the action with Bratt, Lucy became a loving mother for adoptive children Margo, Agnes and Edith. In the meantime, Dru steals Gru’s aircraft and runs away with the Minions.

Despicable me 3 Poster

Despicable Me 3 poster