The Rise of Gru

Another part of the cult series of Minions will be The rise of Gru. The official premiere will take place on 01 July 2022. In the film, we will be able to see a 12-years-ols Gru, who wants to be a super villain.

The action take places in the 1970s. In this time the young Gru wants to join the supervillain group, which names Vicious 6. Gru hatches a plan, and he needs help of your Minions.

When the  Vicious 6 fire their leader, Gru decides to go to the casting to make his dream come true. When he is on the waiting room, he is seeing big men who look very scary. The group Vicious 6 interviews with Gru. Unfortunately, Gru looks bad in their eyes, so the young boy decides to steal a precious object. Then Gru with his Minions are escaping by the Vicious 6.

The adventure of Gru and his Minions begins here. Gru with his loyal Minions: Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and Otto and other Minions are the worst enemies for the Vicious 6.

In this part of the series of Minions we can see Gru and Minions build their first lair, experiments with first weapons, and their first ominous missions.

At one point, Gru with his Minions ask to help Wild Knuckles. The man was a super villain in the Vicious 6 group. Gru with Minions discover that even bad people need help.